Fort Phantom Hill

Directions to Fort Phantom


To get to Fort Phantom Hill from Abilene, exit Interstate 20 at FM Road 600 and go 11 miles north. The main portion of the fort is located on the east side of FM 600, 11 miles north of the interstate highway in present-day Jones County. Informational pamphlets are available on site and major structures are marked.


Water Color of the Fort in the 1850's

Fort Phantom Hill Map, Hawley Voice

1. Hospital
2. Commissary and Quartermaster Stores
3. Company Quarters
4. Company Kitchens
5. Officer's Quarters
6. Colonel's Quarters
7. Guard House
8. Adjutant's Office
9. Bakehouse
10. Magazine
11. Blacksmith's Shop
12. Sutler's Store
13. Carpenter Shops


(Drawn by J.B. Miller. Reproduced from original watercolor in the Albert Sidney Burleson Papers, Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin)


Sample Map on the Pamphelet