David White- "...My wife and I where on the dept. from Jan 1988 through July 1992. This picture is from Feb 1990 and was taken at the annual Fireman's Banquet. I am on the left and my wife is in front of me. Here are everyone's names (can't remember all the last names, though)...White shirts are officers, but I don't remember who was a Capt. and who was a Lt...."


Back row: Dave White, Lester (worked for Hoss), Ron, "Scotty" (Scott was his last name), Bryce, Harry King, Chief 'Hoss' Smith,

Middle row: Lisa White, Trish, Judy Bar, Bob Bar (became Chief), A Chief Richard Templton, Cheryl Smith (later divorced and married Jeff), Doug, Front row: Jeff, Capt. Vance, Terry Murphy

Back end of Number 2 and Dave's 'fire car'

Number 2 is 1300 gal of pump and roll

Front end of Number 4 1000 gal pump and roll

Ronny and Cheryl helping Judy Bar

Doug and Bob transform Slim into a fire truck

Back end of Number 4 Burned in 'Big County Fire'

Number 7 and 8, 'Slim' and 'Tiny'

Quick Attack Number 5 300 gal

Slim is 2500 gal of pump and roll

"...Hoss and I went to pick up an old army M559 Fuel Servicing Tanker Truck. I got to drive it up onto low-boy trailer he borrowed for the day. The truck's tires stuck out a couple inches on each side of the trailer. I was very nervous that I was gonna drive it right off the flat-bed. When

we got back to Hawley, Bob Barr backed it off the low-boy in front of the media's cameras. He did great.These were great ground cover fire trucks. We would man them with two Fighters in the cage in front, each had a 1.5 nozzle, driver, LT, and one mop-up fighter riding on top of the 2,500 gal tank. We could attack a ground cover fire from initial knock-down to mop-up with a single truck..."-Dave White


"...We lost Number 4 in the 'Big Country Fire'. I think that was in 1990, or 91. Two weeks later we almost lost Number 2, along with Cheryl! God be praised, both where spared..."-Dave White



The City Council would like to thank Mr. Dave White for the pictures and stories to go with them.  It is greatly appreciated to be able to share some of Hawley's history.

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