Welcome to the City of Hawley, Texas.

Beware Bearcat Country

We are located at 783 Avenue E in Hawley off Highway 277 approximately 15 miles North of Abilene and 10 miles South of Anson in Jones County. 

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                                             HAWLEY RABIES CLINIC


                                       SATURDAY, MAY 21TH 1:30-3:30PM


                                  WHERE : HAWLEY FRIST BAPTIST CHURCH


                                                    CATS & DOGS ONLY


                                    ANIMALS MUST BE AT LEAST 3 MONTHS OLD


                                            MERKEL VET CLINIC GIVING SHOT'S 


                                      MORE INFO CALL ALISE @ 537-2064                   




 -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------                                        HAWLEY CITY- WIDE GARAGE SALE


                                            SATURDAY, JUNE 11TH 2016


                                     MAPS WILL BE AT CHILLERS AND 7/11


                                               SPONSORED BY: EDC


                                    CONTACT INFO ALISE @ 537-2064