Welcome to the City of Hawley, Texas.

Beware Bearcat Country

We are located at 783 Avenue E in Hawley off Highway 277 approximately 15 miles North of Abilene and 10 miles South of Anson in Jones County. 

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The Hawley Police Department would like to remind everyone that school is starting back up and to watch for the kids going to and around the school. This means the speed limit will be 20 miles an hour or less, in parking lots its 10 mph. As most people know our school dose not sit on a primary road so we do not have any flashing lights and our school zones are in effect from 7 am till 4 pm. We would also like to remind everyone that it is illegal to talk or text on your wireless device while driving in the school zones or on school property. This time of year many of the kids are excited to be back in school and to see old friends. So keep in mind they might not be paying the attention they should, so it falls back on us as responsible drivers to watch out for them.  By slowing down, paying attention and taking our time we can all have a great school year.




Chief/SRO David George