Welcome to the City of Hawley, Texas

est. 1906


783 Avenue E

PO Box 649

Hawley, Texas  79525

Jones County, Texas





Welcome to Bearcat Country


Incorporated:  1970

Fiscal Year:  October 01

Population:  566 (2021)

Government Type:  General Law Type A

MISSION: The City of Hawley, Texas strives to build a better future and improve the quality of life for its citizens, by working in partnership with public, private, and business sectors and by providing for the health, safety, and well-being of its citizens, maintaining essential services, and preserving public resources.

Mayor:  Billy Richardson

Council Place 1:  Jason Dokey

Council Place 2:  Tisha Westbrook

Council Place 3:  Daniel Smith

Council Place 4:   Janice Stevens

Council Place 5:  Frank Garrard


City Secretary / Court Clerk: Regina Thompson

Administrative Assistant: Jan Dokey


AT 7:00 p.m. AT CITY HALL.

The City Council invites you to attend all meetings and voice your opinions on any and all matters concerning the City of Hawley.  We are here to help make the city the best that it can be. 

For more information, click on the "Citizen Participation" link below:



Places on 2024 ballot:


Council Place 2

Council Place 4

Council Place 5

City of Hawley Press Release- Comments Made during the Anthony Playoff Game

During the Playoff Game last week, 11/9/2023, between the Hawley Bearcats and the Anthony Wildcats that was played in Wink, Texas, a conversation was picked up on a “hot mic”. The conversation involved some racist comments towards the Anthony High School Players. This incident was brought to the attention of the Hawley Superintendent and was addressed immediately and is a school district issue. However, the City of Hawley wishes to express extreme disappointment and disapproval of the comments made and assure others that this does not reflect who Hawley is. Hawley is very proud of its school district and what they have come to represent and strongly believe that this is an extremely isolated incident. We applaud Superintendent McBrayer for her quick handling of the incident. We have always been very proud of the conduct of our students, players and staff and have seen numerous comments and correspondence from other schools concerning the sportsmanship and Christian attitude they continuously exhibit. Hawley strongly feels that this in no way represents the true values of not only the town, but the school district and stand behind the district’s prompt handling of this offensive event. Hawley also wishes to extend it’s apologies and deepest regret to Anthony, their students, Wink and it’s students, and the other students that face this type of racism. This conduct has no place in schools or communities and we should all keep working together to put a stop to racism in any form and any venue.

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Hawley ISD
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Hawley Water Supply
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The City of Hawley requires all requests to be placed on the agenda in writing. This form is being provided for your convenience, but is not mandatory.

The City of Hawley requires all open records requests to be writing. This form is being provided for your convenience, but is not mandatory.