Hawley is small town in Jones County, Texas nesseled in the fertile valley of the Clear Fork of the Brazos; midway between Abilene and Anson just off Hwy 277 & Hwy 83. It is Hawley was established as a town on Dec 9, 1906 due to the Wichita Valley Railroad making connection with The Sante Fe railroad that passes through Abilene. The railroad was built into Anson in 1906 according to the late H. B. Bradshaw of Abilene, Civil Engineer for the project. The town was after railroad official C. W. Hawley of the Ft. Worth & Denver Railroad Co., builders of the new line. Lots for the new community were sold by the Hawley Town site Co. with Mr. Fletcher Scott as surveyor.

Four years before Hawley was established, the Zelo community sprang up on May 2, 1904 where the Hawley Cemetery is now located. It consisted of a small school and general store. The school was called “Liberty Hill” . The general store was operated by a Mr. John Jenkins who was also the first Zelo Post Master. The Methodists and Baptists Churches took turns having their services in the school house until the Baptists later built a church in Hawley and the Methodists bought and moved "Liberty Hill" to the church's present site. Zelo ceased to exist as Hawley grew up around the new railroad. Hawley's growth attracted people from far and in the immediate area. Zelo, Hodges and Truby would all permenantly suffer the demise and loss of their mail posts to a rapidly growing Hawley. McCamant, aka Delk Community, would also become a route and receive it's mail via the Hawley post office.


Hawley was incoporated on June 20, 1970. It's first mayor was Sammy Jones. According to US Census Beauru the population was about 570 people as of 2009.






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