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Trash Service

The City of Hawley has a contract with County Waster Services for trash removal.  Please call City Hall (325) 537-9528 to set up service.  

Payments can be mailed to or dropped off at City Hall any time.  We also offer bank drafts.

Vehicle & Trailer Registration

You can renew your vehicle or trailer registration at City Hall before they expire.  Come in to City Hall during business hours. 

We can only accept cash or checks for this service.

Water Service

Water service in the City of Hawley is not owned or operated by the City. 


Please call the Hawley Water Supply Corporation (325) 537-9268 or visit their website below.

Pay a traffic ticket?


Please call (325) 537-9528 or visit City Hall to speak with the Judge or pay a citation.  Judge Turner is in office every Monday.  The Court Clerk is available Monday - Friday.

Get on the City Council Agenda

Regular City Council meetings are held the second (2nd) Tuesday of each month. 

The City Council invites you to attend all meetings and voice your opinions on any an all matter concerning the City of Hawley.  We are here to help make the City the best it can be.

To place an item on the agenda for consideration by the City Council fill out the form below and return to City Hall.

Do I need a permit for...?

Door-to-door sales

Yes.  Ordinance 02-17 regulates peddling within the city limits of Hawley.  

For more information visit City Hall or click the links below.


No permits are needed for remodeling or construction.  Please follow state building codes.

However, prior to driveway installation, a permit must be obtained.  The area will need to be inspected to ensure water runoff is not affected.

Hawley ISD
Hawley ISD
Hawley Water Supply
Hawley Water Supply
Texas Municipal League
Texas Municipal League

The City of Hawley requires all requests to be placed on the agenda in writing. This form is being provided for your convenience, but is not mandatory.

The City of Hawley requires all open records requests to be writing. This form is being provided for your convenience, but is not mandatory.