Hawley Police Department

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Help Law Enforcement to help you.

Every day you hear of someone whose home or business has been burglarized. Or they had a trailer, wielder or some other peace of equipment stolen from their property.  When an officer is investigating a theft he not only has to locate the property but has to in many cases prove who it belongs to. This is where you as an owner can help. With a camera, phone camera or I-Pad or any device that you can use to take a picture with. Photograph your property and make a note on it of any distinguishing/ identifying marks along with the model and serial number.  For example if you have a trailer. Photograph the trailer, then make note of the license plate number then on the frame, normally near the front somewhere there should be a number stamped on it. All trailers are required to have a number assigned to them before they can be registered. Put this number down in the notes on your trailer. This is all information that will help Law Enforcement to get your property back to you.

                  You can do this with just about anything, wielders, air compressors, any tool or appliance and guns. Take your guns and lay them on the bed and photograph them. Do each one separately. Then list the manufacture (i.e. Ruger, Glock, Remington, etc) then list the caliber, .22, .38, .45, 12 ga, 20 ga. Then list any model numbers and serial numbers as well as any other distinguishing marks on the gun. All of this is information that will help in locating that gun.  With technology like it is today you can store a lot of this information on a home computer, burn it to a CD or flash drive.  It is recommended that you keep a second copy preferably away from your residence. Maybe e-mail it to yourself and keep it in a folder. Then if something should happen to your home you can sign in on another computer and pull up your list of property for Law Enforcement or even Insurance Companies in the event of a house fire.